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OMP has always provided superior products  to our customers' complete satisfaction.

As a prime and sub-contractor to the aerospace, avionics, military,  telecommunication, and commercial industries, we have continually emphasized quality and on-time delivery.


OMP has manufactured aerospace and military components for the Department of Defense and its central prime contractors.   Our projects have been successfully implemented in the Army, Navy, and Air Force.


An extremely diverse range of products has been manufactured at OMP Technologies.  These range from  from commercialized components to complex  aerospace, avionics, military and telecommunication assemblies.  Examples include:

  • Bonded Chassis

  • Circuit Card Frames

  • Connector Plates

  • Dip-Brazed Assemblies

  • Hogged-Out Chassis

  • Machined Castings

  • Machined Forgings

  • Supports

These key components have been employed in systems for the F-16, F-18, C-17, Apache, and F-22 military aircraft, and numerous commercial applications.  After these products are completely machined, they are subcontracted for plating, heat treating, and/or painting and then ready for identification markings, hardware assembly, packaging, and delivery to the customer.


The key factor that has enabled OMP to handle such a wide array of jobs is our highly sophisticated CNC equipment.  Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility includes Okuma, Toshiba, and Mitsui Seiki machining centers with 4 axes of travel.  They are designed for high precision and heavy duty machining of workpieces of a wide range of materials and a wide range of workpiece sizes. Around the clock manufacturing is achieved with the utmost efficiency and high speeds. 


Our capabilities in engineering, design, and manufacturing enable us to handle an entire project ranging from commercial to military and aeronautical applications.

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for more images, see the gallery


We handle a wide array of contracts:


Production Runs

Multi-Year Programs















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