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OMP Technologies is ready to approach any engineering challenge,

ranging from a single component, up to an entire system assembly

With the latest in computer systems and CAD software, along with highly trained design engineers, we can provide highly innovative solutions for any project.



Our modern design equipment includes the most efficient computers teamed with updated CAD/CAM systems.  These applications have the capability of importing industry standard drawing files in the IGES and DXF formats.  Furthermore, our systems are capable of interpreting two-dimensional and three-dimensional solid models designed in the the UNIX-based CAD systems used by our customers.


We further share our expertise with our customers in the area of value engineering.



(F-16 aircraft image source: Air Force Link)

The experience OMP holds in engineering and design

has been cultivated finely through its long history

  • In the 1980s, our involvement was central to the  development of products for the commercial industry.

  • In the early nineties, OMP became heavily involved in the military sector and began the direct, electronic exchange of CAD drawings with our customers in lieu of conventional blueprints.


Our customers approached us with newly designed solid models from their research and design team. In previous projects, their engineers found it time consuming to request their drafting department to release blueprints for their new projects.  Thus, we solved this problem by corresponding with the engineers directly by loading their solid models directly into our in-house CAD/CAM systems.  At the same time, OMP provided technical support to our customers to allow them to carry out any revisions to the design.


The implementation of this process significantly reduced lead times required to complete the final product. This system of file transfer and manufacturing has been applied on several aerospace and military programs.


Our performance has proven that we have the  equipment and technical

expertise necessary to handle the most challenging designs in the

aerospace, avionics, military, telecommunications, and commercial industries.


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